What is Copyright?

Copyright covers protection of copyright works. Copyright works are original intellectual creation, expressed in a certain form, regardless of their artistic, scientific or other value, its purpose, size, contents and way of manifestation, as well as the permissibility of public disclosure of their contents. For more information visit this site right here. Copyright is a way of preserving human creativity enrichment and expansion of the national cultural heritage.


Originality is the minimum level of individuality according to which an offense different from all existing work. So, to work there under the protection does not need to be original in the sense that brings exceptional innovation in their field but just enough to not plagiarism already existing works and that they are at least something different.

Specificity Form

259b90243331e4a631ba7f84aa260b41Definiteness of form means that the work done in a particular form. It may be written or verbal act, dramatic-musical, choreographic and pantomime works, as well as works originating from folklore, musical works with or without words, cinematographic works (cinema and television), works of art (paintings, drawings, drawings, prints, sculptures, etc.), works of architecture, applied art and industrial design, cartographic works (geographic and topographic maps), plans, sketches, models, photography and theater directing.

Copyright Law

Copyright law protects authors and their works from illegal reproduction and exploitation of works of art for economic purposes. Copyright protection not only allows protection of creators of intellectual property, but also those who help the creators of these works in the communication to the public and distribution of their works.

Original artistic works are nowadays especially endangered advent of the Internet and means of mass communication through which they are distributed. Therefore, their protection is necessary, and in particular should respect the laws of their protection.

Offense is protected regardless of its quality, even when it has little to do with literature, art or science.

Therefore it can be concluded that all the copyrights of copyrighted works, except for those laws governing copyright explicitly stipulate that they are not protected as copyright works. Examples of such acts are daily news, laws and official decisions. For the criminal act of copyright infringement are scheduled to fines and prison sentences.

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